Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Teenager Olga

I love this first one in the black bonnet. The originals of these are wallet sizes. If you click on the pictures, they open up expanded so you can really see them.

They say your eyes never age. It's kind of spooky seeing my dear Granny's eyes in this very young lady. The left-most pic has writing on the back: Olga Alice Kobza, 2647 W. Augusta Blvd, Chicago, IL. The middle one has: Taken December 7, 1933 Saturday (which makes her 18 here)

...isn't the outfit in the right-most picture a little racy for the time? Who knew Granny had such nice legs!?! Look closely at the water picture too. It's hard to make out the faces, but someone has her foot in the air - is that Olga or Millie?

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