Sunday, December 01, 2002

Mothering @ 11 mos.

Taking Wolfie out of the house to his first few doctor appointments felt like some of the greatest challenges we had ever faced. Each outing was planned well in advance and by planned, I think I really mean dreaded with great apprehension. There was no way either one of us would even think of taking the boy out of the house without the other. The transition seems completely amazing to me since now, we take him everywhere without a second thought.

As much as my son has grown and developed over the past 11 months, I realize I have too. I’ve stopped wondering what happened to my life and truly become a mother. I've gained a bit of much-needed confidence and learned some wonderful things along the way:

  • You have never felt anything as soft as the tender feeling of your baby’s tiny hand wrapped around your finger.
  • Parenthood is indeed an experience like no other, whose joys defy description. Think understatement.
  • Nothing can chase away workday agnst faster than your baby’s sweet giggles.
  • You can tell what a person’s real priorities are by what they do when their baby finally naps. Mine are: 1-go to the bathroom, 2-eat something, 3-check e-mail.
  • The clich├ęs are true: they do grow up SO fast!