Friday, November 17, 2006

If You Give a SHE a Routine

Here is my Flylady bedtime story called, “If You Give a SHE a Routine” inspired by true events. Props to Laura Numeroff and her ‘If You Give a Mouse’ series of children’s books, which evidently I've read too many times.


If you are late getting into the shower in the morning, your son will wet his bed.
And when you go to rewash his just-cleaned-yesterday sheets, you’ll be compelled to add some other laundry to make it a full load.
As you go to empty the hamper onto the bedroom floor, you’ll notice your hubby’s sock crumb trail leading up to it and remember you wanted to run the vacuum.
After you run over the sock crumbs ten times and they still don't move, you’ll realize the bag is full.
So you’ll look around for the bags you finally picked up triumphantly on errand day and your toddler will cry out that she wet herself.
After you change her clothes, you’ll rinse her pants in the sink and leave them there because the other load is already spinning.
When you stop to reward yourself with a fresh cup of coffee, your toddler will yank the grill off the fridge and demand to retrieve both sets of magnet letters she’s been stuffing under there for the past year.
The savage dust bunny army guarding the letters will send you running for the vacuum.
You’ll find it in the bedroom puking its dirty guts out all over your floor and you’ll remember you were looking for the bags.

Here’s hoping you get to bed at a decent hour.