Sunday, November 20, 2005

Cyber Void

A month of PC deprivation and my routines are just shot! Not that I was actually doing whole routines, just that I had them and hoped to complete them! My computer is still not completely whole yet also, so any moment it could be ripped from under my fingernails. Save. Save. Save!!!
I have to get back to my goals and FOCUS PLEASE!! Ok, so what are they again? I know I wrote them before – I just love copy and paste!
SAHM goals:
MOTHERING - Less Yelling PLEASE! - I have to stop this!
HOME SCHOOL – Research and select curriculum. Set up space.
HOUSEKEEPING - Declutter excess. Put everything away. Keep it clean.
WEBSITE – Post pics EACH month and send e-mail notice
SCRAPBOOK– Continue to work on physical scrapbooks (baby books)!
WEIGHT - lose remaining pregnancy weight.
GARDEN Goal – Weed, restore and maintain.
It looks so simple listed like that. And, I have made some progress since I first wrote those goals back on June 5th! That really amazes me because my attitude is always asking: why can’t I get anything done around here? Maybe deep inside I feel like I should have all this extra time because I’m home – really like everything should be perfect now. Or maybe the daily BLISS of being home with my kids can never match my surroundings, so I’ll always feel better than things look? Satisfactory would be plenty (i.e. It’s good enough for ya.)

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