Sunday, March 20, 2005


Talk about side-tracked! I set up this web page on blogger and can now think of nothing but acquiring a comment. And not just a ‘you suck’ comment or ‘nice site’ either – I actually believe that I’ll receive some apt literary critiques! That someone I don’t know may stumble upon my writing and be struck by one of these deep thoughts that I hide in here all the time. Is that what SAHM’hood has done to me – made me so hungry for recognition?

Well, I suppose it has. Anytime I’ve been pissed at DH it’s usually been over me doing so much and him not caring/commenting/recognizing it. And your children certainly can’t give you adult quality recognition can they? Although Wolf has taken up the sweet sweet habit of hugging me and saying “I love you Mama.” That is the ultimate mom-thrill, even when he’s only doing it to counter you being mad at him for some transgression or other like peeing in his Pull-up.

So, here I am starving: MY KINGDOM FOR A COMMENT!!! Since starting this blog, I’ve spent the majority of my free time (i.e. when the kids are sleeping) on the PC obsessing about feedback. I’ve researched traffic advice, added ads and clicked on a number of other blogs hoping to be touched enough to leave them comments, of course begging reciprocation. But I really haven’t found any that I care about (except all the knitting ones out there – awesome!) I guess that’s the trick to it, I really ought to stick to writing for myself and then perhaps, if I come up with something good, then throw it out there and see what happens but not really care if anyone else likes it or not because I already do.

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