Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Kids 'Stories'

At Grama’s Mattie was having trouble doing something with Grampa and said. “Where the heck is my brain today?”

On 7/4/08 at the Bville pool with Auntie Dee Dee: she wanted to see Wolf go down the slide and he said it was too cold / he didn’t want to / etc. She said I don’t think you can do it / I’ve never seen you do it. He said, Yes I can! And went toward the slide, stopped and came back to ask her: “Do you believe God created the world? (yes) Well, you didn’t see that so why can’t you believe I can do it without seeing me do it?”
Auntie Dee Dee said she knew she was in trouble when he mentioned God.

Wolf has recently decided to call Papa, Dad instead. Papa would rather be Papa and asked him not to call him Dad. So Wolf said, “Okay, Bob.”

At Lonestar for Grama’s birthday lunch, they put a loaf of dark bread on the table and Mattie exclaimed, “Chocolate bread!?” Then after she and Papa had been discussing the cactus decoration next to the table, she decided, “I know why there’s a cactus! (points to a cowboy boot on the menu) they have lots of cowboy stuff here!” Then, after we told Wolf and Mattie that their lunches came with ice cream, they both began sort of chanting, “It’s my ice cream and I want it NOW!”

Some Mattie-speak: We’re supposed to go to lava surf planet and Wolfie is not on the rocket ship. I want to find the key to open the door to the secret jewels. The pirahnna’s are buckled already and there’s a creature I wanted to find. The lava dinosaur is on that planet. Sorry I have to go now, I have to get on the rocketship and I bet the other pirahnnas are coming.

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