Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Girlfriend is ON TV!!

I need to tell the world one of my dearest friends is on TV and needs your vote. If you knew me for any length of time, you would have heard me talk about Little Lisa - she taught me how to play bass, encouraged me to sing when I stopped playing bass, stood up in my wedding, played at my graduation party...

Now she plays bass for Dot Dot Dot, the hardest working band in Chicago and they're on TV!!! Here's some info:

Friday October 19 a new show from the producers of American Idol called The Next Great American Band aired. Dot Dot Dot made it to the top 12 and will be on the show Fridays on FOX 8pm Eastern / 7pm central. There are many great bands on the show. Please tune in to Fox on Fridays and make a difference, VOTE!!! If you want tickets to the show, they are free - here is the link:
Check out these websites:
Here's a link to a review of their music:

Tune in this Friday - if you can't watch the whole show, be sure to catch the last 10 minutes for the wrap-up and the telephone numbers to vote for your favorite band. Vote with your heart (I'm sure it will be for Dot Dot Dot!!)

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