Monday, June 20, 2005

Hows It Going?

So here we are 8 months into my SAHM career. Time for an evaluation? I probably shouldn’t; this thing is already filled with enough self-deprecation isn’t it? If I had to phrase everything positively though I wouldn’t be able to write at all, would I? How about some SAHM goals I want to work on? That sounds a little upbeat…

Mothering Goals - Less Yelling PLEASE! (ha ha) It’s starting to become a horrid habit and it appears to be seeping into my mom’s behavior too. Wolf is actually starting to use yelling purposefully when it looks like things aren’t going to go his way - I have to stop this!

Scrapbook Goal - um, MAKE a scrapbook! Quit hemming and hawing about e-format or whatever and just do SOMETHING! (This isn’t sounding very positive for a goal list.) Well, I do have the Milestone Calendar, a.k.a. the excruciating minutiae log - their every breath recorded in an Excel spreadsheet. Hey, let’s make lighten up a goal too, while we’re at it here.

Housekeeping Goals - It’s difficult to even formulate a goal for this. Declutter and get rid of the smothering excess... Put everything away... AND keep it all clean? Hmmm sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Garden Goal – Weed, restore and maintain.

Weight Goal - lose pregnancy weight (and hurry up Mattie’s almost two already!)

Let’s just say that I have quite a way to go before I can be remotely satisfied that I’m getting this SAHM thing to flow. Oh and let’s not forget about the whole home schooling thing too - somehow I have to squeeze that item in as well.

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Mommydoyle said...

You are a fine mommy, wife and housewife! Once you get control of the clutter (getting rid of the clutter) the day to day stuff is not so daunting becuase you can see a difference. And hopefully the kids will be great slaves one day!hehe